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Genesis® 950 Concentrate 1 Pint Bottle

Product Code: 050950
Genesis® 950 Concentrate 1 Pint Bottle
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Genesis® 950 Concentrate 1 Pint Bottle Summary

1 Pint Bottle
All purpose cleaner, Genesis® 950 Concentrate is a cleaner, stain remover  and degreaser. This cleaner makes the toughest cleaning job fast with truly amazing results. Once you use Genesis® 950 Concentrate, you will always use Genesis® 950 Concentrate. This product is both water soluble and water miscible. Genesis® 950 Concentrate is a replacement for cleaners that are flammable and contain regulated toxins.

Genesis® 950 Concentrate eliminates the need for multiple cleaners. This all purpose cleaner can be used on several

surfaces to remove countless varieties of unsightly stains, dirt and residue. This multi-purpose cleaner can be kept on hand to tackle anything you need to clean.

Genesis® 950 Concentrate is a cost effective, non-toxic, all purpose cleaner. Just a little bit goes a long way. For general cleaning, mix 7 parts water to 1 part Genesis® 950 Concentrate. In the washing machine, soak greasy towels and rags in the washing machine for 5-10 minutes with ½ cup of Genesis® 950 Concentrate. Remove carpet and upholstery stains by applying Genesis® 950 Concentrate on affected area for 30 seconds to one minute, brush surface and rinse with water. Grease, tar, ink and vegetable oil can even be broken down when Genesis® 950 Concentrate is applied for just 30 seconds to 1 minute, scrubbed and rinsed with water.


In addition to being a cleaner, Genesis® 950 Concentrate is clean in itself. Unlike other all purpose cleaners, there is no alcohol, ammonia or bleach in Genesis® 950 Concentrate.
Ideal for Household use, Custodians, Car Dealers, Body Shops, Marinas, Asphalt Firms, Road Construction Companies & Farm Equipment Suppliers:

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