Amerikal Dock Blanket

Lower heating costs in your dock.

A one inch gap in the loading dock area is accountable for the loss of hundreds, often thousands of dollars in excess heating and cooling expenses annually. Such gaps are responsible for fluctuating temperatures that cause substantial damage to food shipments. In summer months, warm air entering the loading area spoils meat, and reduces the shelf life of bakery goods. Cold air in winter months destroys produce. Not only is this detrimental to the food being shipped, but creates an unhealthy work environment for employees and unsatisfactory results for customers. Food shipments destroyed from unstable temperatures total millions of dollars annually. 

Gaps in loading dock areas are a point of entry for pests such as insects, dirt, spores and other air borne contaminants. The hazards of pests are obvious, and a shipping nightmare. By using a high quality, insulated dock blanket, such as the Dock Blanket manufactured by Amerikal Products Corporation, entry ways are eliminated and the threat of contamination, infestation and the overall vulnerability of your shipments are reduced. 

Rain and snow may also enter the dock plate area through gaps, causing slippery conditions for workers. Moisture allowed in throughout the year may also results in structural damage to the dock or the growth of mold and mildew, creating an unhealthy environment for employees and food ..

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5 Gallon Cube Genesis 950 Concentrate
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5 Gallon Cube Genesis 950 Concentrate
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